Multidimensional Quantum Healing

 Multidimensional Quantum Healing sessions are available via phone, Zoom or in-person

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These sessions are designed to:

*initiate key shifts to catalyze healing in mind, body and spirit
*release limiting patterns that are based on separation, fear, limitation and lack
*integrate all aspects of your beautiful self
*awaken your experience of wholeness and unity with the loving Source of all that Is
*connect you with your own intuitive guidance and vision
*bring clarity on life questions and the fulfillment of your true purpose
*realize your nature as a being of light
*upgrade your gene expression with high frequency quantum light codes to elevate your state and your whole life

There is simply no limit to the miracles that are possible as we join in this healing purpose!  Read Testimonials

Its time to move beyond fear and separation,
to access your your highest vibrational state of peace, love, joy and freedom.
Your world needs you NOW to be the light that you are!


“Even though the body appears to be material, it is not.
In the deeper reality, your body is a field of energy, transformation and intelligence.”

Deepak Chopra

How it works: In quantum physics, all reality can be described as vibrations and waveform patterns, likewise, in quantum healing everything, including the person, is seen as light and information. Light and information are neutral rather than good or bad, thus we avoid the need to overcome anything, but rather we uncollapse the current quantum wave (current reality) and open up the field of possibilities, this makes it possible to introduce new information, remove old patterns, and in turn allows for a new reality with more helpful or useful possibilities to unfold.

The Sessions:
What if you could access your your highest vibrational state of peace, love, joy, freedom and fulfillment within minutes and release everything that is limiting you or holding you back? Come play in the quantum realm where science merges with spirituality and all change, healing and miracles are possible here and now! Welcome the epic fun, freedom and flow that will fill your life in the most amazing and surprising ways, as you integrate and harmonize all aspects of yourself.

This powerful work produces observable and verifiable changes, encompassing a whole new state of being, a new way of experiencing yourself, the world, and a more expansive way of accessing new possibilities – a true consciousness shift. It is a portal into profound transformation, through an alchemical blend of  healing technologies which clear issues, traumas, and unhelpful or limiting patterns on any level, whether they be physical, mental, emotional or genetic – regardless if they are past, present or future. These sessions can also catalyze deep forgiveness and release of the past, open your intuitive channels of inner guidance, and bring clarity regarding your present direction and life purpose.

Each session is unique and very specific to the individual recipient. As we enter this unifying field of infinite possibility through the higher Self (or Christ consciousness), we access the akashic record and connect with healing catalysts such as angels, saints, ascended masters, spirit guides, great ray light frequencies and any other helpers that are ready to serve you. The field is always expanding and incorporating new elements and guides as channels are opened and more finely tuned, allowing for even more profound shifts and transformation than ever before. These life-changing shifts can be simple and fun, bringing resolutions of issues you have carried for years or lifetimes. There is indeed no limit to the miracles that are possible!

When patterns are broken, a new you is born!


I am now offering Multidimensional Quantum Healing
at the special rate of $150/session
(sessions are approximately 1hr)
*regularly priced at $300/session

Inspiration and feedback from my sessions:

“I have no idea how Quantum healing works, but it shifted my reality in one session. Little unhealthy habits that I thought I “had” to engage in are falling away (no sleep drugs at all for two nights now!) A couple of the stories that defined my youth seem far away and harder to remember all of a sudden. Most importantly, I am now able to recognize that the love I was looking for in my partner is never going to quench the desire my heart feels…and that putting that much pressure on him was extremely hurtful to our relationship. I now realize that this longing is for something beyond this Earthly life, and that I will find it as I continue the journey within. All of this came within four days of my first quantum healing session. Kristen is definitely tuned in to something bigger than Planet Earth.”

-Dylan M, Arizona

“What makes Kristen a supreme healer, breathwork instructor and motivator is her heart. It shines like a beacon and radiates love, light and unlimited possibilities. I have been lucky enough to enjoy several sessions with her and the effect was profound. In one session I went in uber anxious, and by the end it was all gone. She is also extremely in touch with your body, your psyche and is a phenomenal healer by just listening to her intuition around you. She has cutting edge quantum techniques that create massive change.”

— Heather Wilcox, Colorado

“My experience with Kristen is hard to describe in plain words: sacred, magical space filled with warm, spacious presence, precious, single-pointed attention and incredible skills in all she offers. Her spiritual guidance – group classes as well as individual healing and coaching – touch the heart of hearts, inspiring, motivating, awakening, PRICELESS.”

— Kat Wachnowska, Australia

“Kristen is an incredible coach and healer. Her energy and clarity is outstanding, she can read your energy precisely and shift it in a smooth and beautiful way with a lot of potent quantum healing tools and her life long experience as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for deep transformation and clear guidance in all areas of life. Kristen rocks!”

— Lisa Wallner, Austria

“Working with Kristen has helped me heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. She recently guided me on a SOMA Journey, where she combined SOMA Breath with quantum healing, and since then my life has completely transformed in a way I never would have imagined!  I had recently suffered a spine injury and was in a lot of pain. After our session I was finally able to sleep through the entire night. Thank you Kristen, for showing up and showering me with your beautiful light. You are truly a blessing. If you are in need of guidance, healing or relief from just day-to-day stressors, I highly recommend connecting with Kristen!”

– Theresa Harvey, Ontario, Canada

“Connecting with Kristen takes me to an entirely other perspective, her power and clarity envelop me. Her sessions offer spiritual guidance, as she speaks words of truth that bring an awareness of the changeless & eternal. Her voice fills with love and equanimity as she shares her connection, her devotion, her strength. I’m truly grateful for this gift of slowing down, being present. Kristen shares her ability to experience things from a very quiet place inside of her, the power of spirit beyond the thought-judgments of the mind.”

— Heather O’Connor, California

“Can you imagine laying on your own bed, earbuds in your ears and having a sweet angelic voice tell you what needs some loving adjustment in your body? And then you don’t have to do anything. You might sigh in agreement: hmh! And somehow, God knows how, you sense this shift. And things get lighter and you just rest in this unfolding release, clearing and light shower. You also get some ideas on how to support yourself from this voice: “take a bath with salts…” “Drink xyz”, “Enjoy more walks”. Very gentle, no push, no demand. Just relaxing into this presence. It’s like hanging out in a healing field. I love this multidimensional healing experience!”

– Katrin Potticary, Taos, NM

“In my Quantum Healing session with Kristen, we touched base on just about everything that’s ever been in my life and all the things that will be, which gave me an enormous amount of insight about my struggles. As I followed up on her guidance, the pain in my back I had for over 6 months went away. I have felt major changes since that day, have been much more full of joy, taking better care of myself and made some really big discoveries and changes that I needed to do. She helped me realize the things that were already there in me and I can’t thank her enough. I would definitely recommend a session!”

— James Allen Spears, Texas

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There is no limit to the miracles that are possible.
Work with me and see for yourself!

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“Once you have this urge to find out who you are, the whole Universe is helping you”