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SOMA Breath – Meditation Evolved!  Ancient breathing techniques combined with modern technology, next level Trypnaural beat music and creative visualization, makes this revolutionary meditation experience highly enjoyable, while also increasing your energy, health and well-being in minutes!

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A 22 min SOMA Breath daily dose meditation to raise your frequency & realize your highest potential
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Guided breathwork meditation journeys created especially for you.

Go deep and experience profound transformation!
1 hour bespoke sessions – offered via Zoom or in-person

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Take a journey deeper into the mind, body and spirit, and elevate your vibrational state through a personalized 45 min or longer breathwork meditation, with time for integration and guidance after.

 Who’s this for?

For those who desire to solve specific issues. It’s also for anyone who simply wants to experience a peak human experience or gain deep self-awareness and new inspiration.

 How It works

These extended journeys guided by Kristen, go deeper than the Energized Meditation routine with more than two rounds of breathwork and a guided meditation on any area of life you want to improve.


You’ll be able to clear negative imprints and liberate from the past so you can be more present, in the flow, and empowered to create your own reality! You will also be guided to reach a peak experience and enter into satori, nirvana, and samadhi-like states of oneness, connection, and high inspiration. These states of deep connection open the way for miracles to be your everyday reality.

These focused sessions will help you to:
*Bring accelerated healing and rejuvenation to any area of your life where it is needed
*Release stress, anxiety and tension within minutes
*Boosts your immunity and increases your physical, mental and emotional well-being
*Remove blocks and old limiting patterns and paradigms
*Access profound states of meditation and focus
*Awaken your creative vision and inspiration
*Rekindle your passion for life and clarity of purpose
*Activate your natural flow of abundance
*Opens the channel to your deepest inner wisdom, unity, peace, joy and bliss
*Create the life you love and be the change you want to see in the world!
…and so much more!

Working with the chemistry and biology of the human vessel we become the alchemists of our own physiology, activating our own inner pharmacy and natural healing responses. Every human being has the innate capacity to heal themselves on a cellular level, and to awaken their highest potential. This universal experience will leave you floating in complete euphoria. Come with me and delve deeper into the SOMA journey and uncover more of the inner scientific alchemy of this amazing practice!

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1 hour – special introductory price $150
*Longer journeys, packages and workshops are also available – contact me for details

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*Energized Breathwork Meditations

When: By request  CONTACT ME for info or to book
Where: On Zoom or in-person
1 hour group or individual session

 Who’s this for?

Anyone looking for a more dynamic, fun, and simple meditation that they can look forward to every day.

 How It works

Experience meditation as a fun and exciting practice! These highly enjoyable techniques combine ancient meditation wisdom with modern movement, exercise, chanting, and rhythmic breathing techniques in one easy-to-follow routine. In just one hour, you’ll get a therapeutic dose of breathwork with a touch of fun physical exercise proven to boost wellbeing, health, and fitness.


Get the benefits of traditional meditation without having to sit in silence for hours or spend years mastering ancient techniques. You’ll be able to feel calm and focused in minutes, release stress, and instantly activate an ecstatic state within your body and mind, and to enter the flow of the miraculous.

These sessions will help you to:
*Release stress, anxiety and tension
*Improve CO2 tolerance and nitric oxide production
*Increase oxygenation of tissue cells
*Raise oxygen efficiency
*Boost cardiovascular health
*Deepen concentration and meditation
*Activate both hemispheres of the brain
*Stimulate neurogenesis and ‘brain change’
*Elevate your energy level and emotional state
*Improve your focus and clarity
*Catalyze self-healing
*Feel deeply connected
*Bring new energy and insights into any area of your life
…and much more!!  (Scroll down to see more of the amazing benefits of SOMA)

Come elevate your state and fall in love with your whole life!


I highly recommend checking out these incredible offerings directly from SOMA Breath!

FREE SOMA Masterclass

FREE SOMA Foundations Course

SOMA Breath daily dose breathwork meditations

SOMA Breathfit Challenge  Unlock Peak Performance & Create Unstoppable Energy!

SOMA 21 Day Awakening Journey  Truly Life Changing! Supercharge Your Mind, Body & Spirit And Call In Your True Life’s Purpose.
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Here are some more of the amazing benefits of SOMA Breath…

*Strengthens your immune system
*Increases cardiovascular health: more stamina, endurance, better fitness
*Increases oxygen efficiency & raises carbon dioxide tolerance
*Reduces inflammation
*Promotes weight loss
*Lowers cholesterol
*Stabilizes blood sugar levels
*Balances the nervous system
*Increases bone mineral density
*Stimulates neurogenesis
*Releases anti-aging hormones
*Increases energy and vitality
*Increases quality and depth of sleep

*Calms and clears the mind: Better judgment and decision making
*Improves brain health and cognitive function
*Helps you reduce and manage stress easily
*Stimulates creativity and memory
*Brings deep states of meditation
*Increases confidence and self esteem
*Relieves anxiety and depression
*Enhances mind/body connection
*Brings mental and physical resilience
*Facilitates emotional processing and release
*Assists with mind reprogramming and self hypnosis: installs new healthy beliefs and removes old, limiting patterns
*Awakens you to your soul’s purpose and authentic self
*Helps you create a happier, healthier more abundant you

And there are many more…

BOOK A SESSION NOW and see for yourself!


Testimonials and inspiration from my sessions:

“My SOMA session with you, Kristen, was powerful! I went deeper into relaxation than I can remember. At the end, I felt like my entire system went thru a washing machine and I was left to dry in the sun. And to my surprise my neuropathy symptoms went away. (It wasn’t even on my list). To top it off, I had a major transformative vision. Since that session, my self confidence has strengthened. I’ve seen changes for the better around all the intentions I set for SOMA. Thank you, I am soul grateful! Love, Sondráya “

-Sondraya B, Arizona, USA

“My husband and I had the pleasure of receiving a couples SOMA Breath Session with Kristen, wow, I wasn’t expecting something so profound and deeply healing in a little over one hour. I’ve had the opportunity to explore many modalities in the past, but Kristen guided us through something incredibly unique that supported us both in more ways that words can express. It’s not just that SOMA in itself is a powerful and complete modality for healing and accessing a deeper dimension… it was the way Kristen delivered the experience. We felt so loved, held, supported, as if she was right there with us, even though we were miles apart. She took the time to make us feel comfortable and encouraged us to expand and receive. My husband is a practical ‘science-minded’ kinda guy and he was blown away by what he experienced, a true believer in Kristen and her magic. I look forward to reconnecting with Kristen again, a truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind experience.”

-MA and Jules, Florida, USA

“I’ve been struggling with heartache and deep rooted pain for literally years! Kristen’s SOMA healing breathwork session, led my soul to a beautiful place full of so much love, light and release. It truly was such a magical blessed experience. Today my heart sings…I feel it!!! Thank you so much, beautiful soul siSTAR!”

-Lisa B, England

“What makes Kristen a supreme healer, breathwork instructor and motivator is her heart. It shines like a beacon and radiates love, light and unlimited possibilities. I have been lucky enough to enjoy several sessions with her and the effect was profound. In one session I went in uber anxious, and by the end it was all gone. She is also extremely in touch with your body, your psyche and is a phenomenal healer by just listening to her intuition around you. She has cutting edge quantum techniques that create massive change.”

-Heather Wilcox, Colorado, USA

“My SOMA Sessions with Kristen are allowing me to go deeper and have longer breath holds. I find that I lack the trust in my system… meaning I get all monkey brained and take a breath. I am learning to trust the process and find that comes with feeling trust with your instructor. I feel myself tingling more and more and that adds so much excitement and hope to the rest of my day. After my 2nd session I found that I float more through my day and can add more sunshine to other peoples day. At the beginning of our session we all share what we want to let go of and she adapts our needs to our session and that makes all the difference. Thank you Kristen for your Love and Light. I am so proud to be one of your SiStars and so grateful again for the Journey we are on. Kristen is truly a Godsend! Gift yourself a session with her, tribe, I promise you will fall in love with yourself and help bring light and healing to the Whole Planet.”

-Jillian Gatto  Michigan, USA

“Working with Kristen has helped me heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. She recently guided me on a SOMA Journey, where she combined SOMA Breath with quantum healing, and since then my life has completely transformed in a way I never would have imagined!  I had recently suffered a spine injury and was in a lot of pain. After our session I was finally able to sleep through the entire night. Thank you Kristen, for showing up and showering me with your beautiful light. You are truly a blessing. If you are in need of guidance, healing or relief from just day-to-day stressors, I highly recommend connecting with Kristen!”

-Theresa Harvey, Ontario, Canada

“I had the pleasure of experiencing a SOMA Breathwork Journey with Kristen and it took me to a place of complete relaxation and happiness. Meditation was always difficult for me until I started working with Kristen. She is the perfect teacher and guide!”

-Amy Webster, Wisconsin, USA

“Kristen is an incredible coach, healer and breathwork guide. Her energy and clarity is outstanding, she can read your energy precisely and shift it in a smooth and beautiful way with a lot of potent quantum healing tools and her life long experience as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for deep transformation and clear guidance in all areas of life. Kristen rocks!”

-Lisa Wallner, Vienna, Austria

“The SOMA breath journey with Kristen was an awesome way of breathing into meditation, a little different from traditional meditation, but an amazing opportunity to experience a different and enhanced way of connecting with the higher Self. I highly recommend it!  It was a relaxing and profound experience.”

-Ali Carmona, Mexico

“My experience with Kristen is hard to describe in plain words: sacred, magical space filled with warm, spacious presence, precious, single-pointed attention and incredible skills in all she offers. Her spiritual guidance – group classes as well as individual healing and coaching – touch the heart of hearts, inspiring, motivating, awakening, PRICELESS.”

– Kat Wachnowska, Australia

“The body doesn’t know the difference between an experience and a thought. You can literally change your biology, neuro-circuitry, chemistry, hormones and genes, simply by having an inner experience.”

-Dr. Joe Dispenza