What makes Kristen a supreme healer, instructor and motivator? It’s her heart. It shines like a beacon. She radiates love and light and unlimited possibilities. I have been lucky enough to enjoy more than one healing session with her and the effect was profound. In one session I went in uber anxious, and by the end of the session it was all gone. She is also extremely in touch with your body, your psyche and a phenomenal healer by just listening to her intuition around you.  She has quantum techniques that are cutting edge that create massive change.
-Heather W, Denver, CO
Kristen is a highly skilled massage therapist, yoga teacher, a consummate healer and spiritual counselor. She is extremely talented and approaches each and every session with tremendous compassion and positive energy. I have been a regular beneficiary of Kristen’s services for well over fifteen years and would see her for sessions on a consistent basis. Her work and support for me were second-to-none. There was not a single instance in all the years of working with her where I felt a massage therapy or counseling or yoga session was cut short for any reason. She was always sensitive to my needs and ensured that I was completely satisfied after every session. It gives me great joy to recommend Kristen, she has proven to be a genuine and compassionate healer, it has been my privilege to get to know her and share her enthusiasm to help those in need.
-Lily Ana, Los Angeles, CA
I am so grateful to have found this woman, I must have googled self love coaching and stumbled upon Golden Arc Yoga & Healing Arts and it caught my eye, I started reading her words and I knew she is a true healer, she comes from a place of true unconditional love. Her words penetrate you and are so magical that they open up new possibilities that maybe you can’t actually see in your life because you’re too close. She is passionate about people and her work. She walks the walk, she witnesses you as u grow and change, she reminds you that you are a divine being even when you forget. If you are ready to shed the old story and step into a wondrous world that you create, reach out and rise up. Kristen will hold your hand, be your cheer leader, and help you to laugh when you fall down and remind you that u are greater than your obstacles. Thank you for sharing your radiant light.

-Stesha, Scottsdale, AZ

I had the pleasure of experiencing a SOMA Breathwork Journey with Kristen and it took me to a place of complete relaxation and happiness. Meditation was always difficult for me until I started working with Kristen. She is the perfect teacher and guide!

-Amy Webster, Wisconsin, USA

Kristen is an incredible coach and healer. Her energy and clarity is outstanding, she can read your energy precisely and shift it in a smooth and beautiful way with a lot of potent quantum healing tools and her life long experience as a teacher of A Course in Miracles. I can highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for deep transformation and clear guidance in all areas of life. Kristen rocks!

 –Lisa Wallner, Vienna, Austria

My experience with Kristen is hard to describe in plain words: sacred, magical space filled with warm, spacious presence, precious, single-pointed attention and incredible skills in deep tissue as well as aura components. Her spiritual guidance – group classes as well as individual coaching – touch the heart of hearts, inspiring, motivating, awakening, PRICELESS.

 –Kat W, Poland/Australia

I’ve been struggling with heartache and deep rooted pain for literally years! Kristen’s SOMA healing breathwork session, led my soul to a beautiful place full of so much love, light and release. It truly was such a magical blessed experience. Today my heart sings…I feel it!!! Thank you so much, beautiful soul siSTAR!

-Lisa B, England

Working with Kristen has helped me heal emotionally, physically and spiritually. She recently guided me on a SOMA Journey, where she combined SOMA Breath with quantum healing, and since then my life has completely transformed in a way I never would have imagined!  I had recently suffered a spine injury and was in a lot of pain. After our session I was finally able to sleep through the entire night. Thank you Kristen, for showing up and showering me with your beautiful light. You are truly a blessing. If you are in need of guidance, healing or relief from just day-to-day stressors, I highly recommend connecting with Kristen!

-Theresa Harvey, Ontario, Canada

Connecting with Kristen takes me to an entirely other perspective, her power and clarity envelop me. Being with her offers me spiritual guidance, as she speaks words of truth that lull me into an awareness of the changeless & eternal. Her voice fills with love and equanimity; she shares her connection, her devotion, her strength. I’m truly grateful for moments with her, this gift of slowing down, being present. Kristen shares her ability to experience things from a very quiet place inside of her, the power of spirit beyond the thought-judgments of the mind.

-Heather O, San Diego, CA

I had a 1-hour remote healing session with Kristen on the phone. We touched base on just about everything that’s ever been in my life and all the things that will be. She gave me enormous amount of insight about  alot of the things that I was struggling with, and as I followed up on her guidance, the pain in my back I had for over  6 months went away. I have felt major changes since that day, have been much more full of joy, taking better care of myself and made some really big discoveries and changes that I needed to do. She helped me realize the things that were already there in me and I can’t thank her enough. I would definitely recommend a session!

–James Allen Spears, Texas, USA

I had a splendid SOMA session with Kristen, it’s not just a great meditation but it does relax you to the very core. The SOMA breath journey  was an awesome way of breathing into meditation, a little different from traditional meditation, but an amazing opportunity to experience a  enhanced way of connecting with the higher Self.   It was a lovely, relaxing and profound experience. I highly recommend her practice and think everyone should try it!

-Ali Carmona, Cuernavaca, Mexico

Kristen is always uplifting and joyful and creates an inspirational loving atmosphere around her, she is a very intuitive healer and yoga teacher. I highly recommend her yoga classes as a way to stay tuned physically and spiritually.

 –Eric, Wisconsin Dells, WI /Australia

Thank you for the healing and supportive influence you’ve had on my life, dear Kristen. From your sweet, compassionate, healing massage touch to your profound spiritual insights, you’ve helped me to grow in miraculous ways.  It’s been a real blessing to travel with you on this journey of spiritual growth. Much love always!

-Conan, Fairfield, Iowa

You are one of the truest devoted to Truth.  Anytime that I had a concern you have been there to help me clarify. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

-Roxana, Ecuador

Kristen has given me several massages. Wonderful work!! She never gives a “cookie-cutter” session; each massage is customized to each individual’s needs. She listens to your expectations for the session. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 20 years, so I have perhaps different expectations. Kristen has always exceeded my expectations!

 -Renee, Wisconsin Dells, WI

All my time spent with Kristen has been a joyous and fun healing adventure. She has devoted her life to peace, demonstrating how we can access the peace in our mind, and to give peace to everyone and everything to see it for ourselves. She is highly proficient in multiple healing practices, massage, yoga and teaching workshops. In the many workshops which I have attended I have been delighted by the healing I have experienced. Her soft spoken encouragement demonstrates the love that we are and have always been and is frequently punctuated by her joyous laughter. I was happy to join with Kristen in our shared joy while releasing the idea that pain was not me. In this decision to join I experienced the freedom of a present love as me. I am certain I am loved and as love it is my joy to give it. Thank you Kristen!

 -Lou, San Francisco, CA

Kristen is an absolute light wherever she goes!  She is such a warm-hearted and bright-minded teacher, clearly reflecting the beautiful offerings of Christ Consciousness in A Course in Miracles.  She extends with such loving ease and grace, and is indeed a miracle worker.  Anyone who joins her in any of her bodywork sessions, classes or workshops will richly benefit!

 -Karyn, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Having a massage with Kristen in her gorgeous place was a healing experience for my body and soul. With her loving energy and healing hands she takes you through an out of time experience from which you come back renewed and energized.

 -Catalina, Wisconsin/Colombia

I have met Kristen on spiritual coaching phone calls.  She has given me very helpful advice regarding how I can turn my difficulties around into a new perspective and transform my whole life.  She is very generous with her knowledge and time.   She is always on time for our appointments, listens to me, then explains with all her love the reasons why I am going through this conflict and shows me the way out.   I have so much gratitude for her advice and her love. Her teachings are very profound!

 -Maria Rosa, Ecuador

Kris has always been a sunny presence, even in her absence. Her zest for holiness of everything offers an example to us in seeing the potential of living free, finding joy in even emptiness. Kristen is for sure a beam of light in the dream.

  -Joshua, Kochi, India

Kristen is a happy yogi!  Full of joy and fun to be with.

-Kathy, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Sacred spiritual ambiance Kristen brings, whenever offering bodywork, she transforms it to prayer!

 -Jas, Bangalore, India